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When choosing products that affect our health we must consider our family: the adults, elderly, pets and children affected by our choices. We also need to consider the environment, as we all live on the Earth and there is no planet B.  The primary ingredient in the Briotech family of products is the molecule Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is a compound created by the White Blood Cells in the human body as part of the natural immune system. HOCl acts as a sanitizer, working to kill harmful pathogens and bacteria while also signaling the healing process to begin. Briotech HOCl is designed to work by mimicking the HOCl produced inside the human body. This makes it ideal as a skincare product, as well as a powerful sanitizer that kills +99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. The manufacturing process is 100% sustainable leaving no negative impacts on the environment. Now you can sanitize safely with sustainability in mind.

Made with Hypochlorous Acid

What makes HOCl Sustainable?

HOCl is made with 3 things: Salt, Water and Electricity
Committed to Sustainability

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We are in the business of sales and distribution of products using Hypochlorous Acid, a substance found naturally in human physiology that comes with a number of surprising health benefits. We have the ability to sanitize people, pets and property by using alternatives to traditional chemical cleaners which leaves no chemical fumes behind. We are also active in the health and beauty space with innovative skin treatments that clean, repair and rejuvenate skin using all natural, organic methods. Years of research into the body’s own natural immune defense systems has led to exciting new discoveries in the field of natural health and the well-being of humans and animals is our top priority. BioBuffs is committed to finding the most effective solutions that are powerful, yet sustainable. We believe that the way forward is not rooted in doing more of the same, but in using new technologies that mimic nature. By leveraging technology we seek to empower the planet so we all live cleaner and healthier lives while being a true benefit to the world. We operate as a benefit company and have partnered with the UNGSII Foundation ( in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Through the science behind Hypochlorous Acid, we support the socio-economic principles of the SDG’s and are excited to share this technology around the world.