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Join the BioBuffs Affiliate Marketing Program and earn money online marketing our sanitizer and skincare products featuring pure HOCl. BioBuffs pays 20% commission on all referrals of retail sales that you refer to our E-commerce store. BioBuffs also pays override commissions of up to 13% over 3 tiers on any additional affiliates you refer to join our marketing program (See Below). As a marketing affiliate we pay you to do one thing: share our sustainable sanitizer and pure HOCl products with people. There is nothing to buy or ship and our program requires ZERO upfront capital. Our affiliate program provides you links, banners and emails with cookies that automatically track any sales that you cause to be referred to the BioBuffs E-commerce store. Our marketing affiliates only need to share these links with their network and if they click through and buy, you get paid. Our technology platform automatically tracks and pays out on sales you originate from the links you share online with others. When you refer business to our e-commerce store we are notified to pay you 20% of the sale amount for as long a that person is our customer and it really is that simple. We pay out every Friday for all sales cleared that preceding Tuesday. At BioBuffs we decided that society could best be served by distributing our sanitizer and skincare products to the masses while also creating an opportunity for people to earn cash. By joining our program you will be contributing to society with a sustainable product that helps promote healthy skin and kills germs by disinfecting the environment. This helps businesses to reopen and stay open safe from harmful germs and bacteria. It also helps people to look their best at a time when we all could use a boost. Earn cash, help others and make the world a better place. It’s surprisingly easy to get started!

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BioBuffs Affiliate Referral Program

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You spend time building your brand, attracting followers and now it is time to monetize your efforts. You want to start selling products to your network, but what is the best direction to go? You need to affiliate with products that are: 1) appealing to large and diverse groups of people, 2) helps society to solve a problem, not create one and 3) is willing to pay you a decent percentage of sales. The BioBuffs Affiliate Marketing program was designed to be a true partner with social media influencers. Our products are unique, sustainable, and solve an important issue in society – we have a sustainable sanitizer that kills germs, bacteria and viruses using HOCl; a substance that already exists in your body. This means no harsh chemical fumes! We also have a unique line of beauty products that make your skin look AMAZING! Our topical skincare is not just another gimmick! HOCl is a technology that supports the natural immune system by cleaning as well as signaling the body to heal damaged skin. Shape Magazine called it a “Unicorn-esque ingredient”. In the coming months everyone will be talking about Hypochlorous Acid and now is the time to get involved. Most importantly we are paying handsomely for those who help us spread the word with a 20% commission on retail sales and a 3 tier override program on any other marketers that you may refer. Upon registering with our online platform you are automatically issued a tracking link unique to you. This link contains your Affiliate ID number and allows us to know if your followers bought anything as a result of your influence. Anytime someone buys after clicking your link then our automated system will alert you via email. We pay out via direct deposit every Friday for all sales cleared by the preceding Tuesday and our commission program is for the life of that customer. We truly want all of our affiliate partners to continue to build their brand and be successful. At BioBuffs we do all that we can to provide a great product and a platform that will benefit you, our marketing partners. 

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Due to the pandemic, we at BioBuffs find ourselves in a dilemma. We are a solution provider with a product that can kill germs and bacteria, including +99.9% of the SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) Virus, while leaving no harsh chemical fumes behind. We see ourselves as key to getting business and society open and moving again because one can kill germs and viruses by abundantly spraying our product with no need for special eye or nasal protection. The problem is that many people are quarantining. For those that are moving around, social distancing can be awkward, This changes the dynamics of many traditional business methods and models. The question then becomes how do we best market and distribute this product? We decided that we would use an online-direct marketing model. Many people are out of work and could use a side-hustle and our unique product is newer and takes a little explanation to sell through. So, BioBuffs is offering a generous 20% commission to those who want to work with us promoting our product from home. We figured people are stuck at home, spending lots of time online browsing social media, so we might as well give them a way to make some money while browsing. For additional incentive, we are also offering an override commission in the amount of an additional 12% of retail sales across 3 tiers (See example below) for those people who you refer that want to sell our products too. This way we can all sanitize the masses, have healthy skin and help people while earning cash together.    



In order to maximize our work-from-anywhere opportunity we wanted to give some incentive to those who might have friends who also want to earn cash and help people by joining the BioBuffs Affiliate Marketing Program, Our affiliate software platform uses unique tracking cookies that monitor all of the sales in the BioBuffs E-commerce store. Each unique ID is in a database that has been programmed to payout commissions for each sale made. In the event that someone you referred to the store also becomes a marketing affiliate then you will get a percentage of their sales as well for up to 3 tiers. This payout lasts as long as the person continues to participate in the BioBuffs Affiliate Marketing Program.


For example: you are a Super Hero influencer with 30,000 followers and want to earn extra income. You advertise our products to your network and start to receive some sales, earning 20% for each retail sale you referred through your unique links. You also happen to know a “Super-Guy” who has 75,000 followers and you think he would do well with our program. You reach out and he decides that marketing sustainable sanitizer in the middle of a pandemic is the heroic thing to do. He joins the program and you start earning 5% on all of his retail sales. Now “Super-Guy” knows a “Wonder-Woman” who has 300,000 followers. “Super-Guy” knows how amazing “Wonder-Woman” is and wants to do the world some good too.. “Super-Guy” decides to introduce “Wonder-Woman” to the opportunity to sell our unique products to her network and followers. She signs up and you start to receive a 4% override on Wonder-Woman’s retail sales and 4% of any other marketing Super-friends that “Super-Guy” has referred the program as well. “Wonder-Woman” knows “Captain Marvel” who has 500,000 followers and she thinks our products are great! Captain Marvel decides that working with us to help make the world a better place is a good idea and she registers for our program. You start to receive 3% of her retail sales, as well as any other Super-Heroes that Wonder-Woman refers to the program. In a perfect world, you are hopefully making good money by now and have also increased your followers and brand value along the way. While we cannot guarantee how much money you may or may not make, we can guarantee that we will do our best to kill a lot of germs, make people look better, try to make the world a better place and help others make money during a pandemic which makes you a real-life Super Hero!!!. 

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