BioBuffs Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will I Make?

That amount will vary and results are not guaranteed. We are paying out 20% of the gross sales amount of retail products sold that you refer to the BioBuffs E-Commerce Store. Additionally, if anyone you introduce to our marketing affiliate opportunity also decides to market our products we also pay you a percentage of their gross retail sales down to 3 tiers deep, at 5%,4% and 3% respectively. All of our commissions are paid out for the life of that account registration with us, meaning we pay out on any subsequent re-orders so long as the customer uses the account created at inception

How Do You Know When I Referred Someone?

Our website has built-in tracking software. When you first sign up for our program you will be assigned affiliate links unique to you and your wallet with us. These links can be found in your dashboard under: Affiliate Tools > Affiliate Links. There you can then copy and paste these links into your online content marketing our products. When someone clicks your unique link and visits our website they are then being tracked using a cookie that lets us know that this is your customer. If that person subsequently makes a retail purchase or joins the program as a marketer, then our system automatically notifies us of their purchase activity with the correct amounts to pay you.

How often do I get Paid?

We payout every Friday via PayPal or bank wire (we are working on a crypto solution as well) for all sales that have been generated and the payment has cleared to us by the preceding Tuesday. We do have a minimum requirement in order to receive a payment in the amount of $100. In the event that we have a chargeback or returned item, that amount will be deducted from your account. We really want nothing but success for all involved and so we endeavor to get our people paid as fast and as often as possible.

How much does it cost to get started?

Absolutely Zero. We are not asking for any financial commitment or minimum purchase amount to get started. All we ask is that you look at our products for what they are; beauty, health and wellness tools that are useful during a pandemic. Learn about our products and spread the word and we are willing to compensate you for any referrals. 

Why have I not heard of Hypochlorous Acid before?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) was first discovered in 1834 by the French scientist Antoine Ballard. The reason it has not gained widespread notoriety in the past is that it is a very unstable substance. only lasting for a short period of time. It was used during World War I, but has always been understand that it needs to be made on the spot and used immediately. With recent advances in the manufacturing process, we are able to create an HOCl formulation with a shelf life of 2 years with a purity unmatched in the marketplace.

Are your Products Legit?

Absolutely! Our Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility and are ISO Certified, meaning that the facility has to undergo audits and maintain a pretty high standard. As for the science behind HOCl there are large volumes of studies about the benefits and capabilities behind it dating back to 1834! What makes our product unique and why HOCl is just now gaining popularity is that it has been challenging to make a pure and stable version of HOCl until now. Our manufacturing process involves making the only pure and stable version of HOCl that we know of in the market, giving it a powerful effect with a 2 year shelf life. This is unique to the industry and we are proud to have a best-in-class product.

Are your Products Regulated?

Yes and no. When one wants to make a claim about killing germs and bacteria, that triggers the need to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our Multi-Surface Sanitizer products are registered with the EPA under registration #93108-1 as required by law. If one wants to make a medical claim, or claims to be a healing agent, then one needs to be registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), unless it is considered a health supplement. Our other products are mimicking the HOCl already found inside the body and do not necessarily need to be registered with the FDA. However, we do need to be prepared to back up any claims which we are more than happy to do, as we have large volumes of research about the health benefits of our HOCl products to the human body. We must also put the disclaimer that:



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


We expect all affiliates to pay special attention to these rules when referring to the products in any way. Failure to do so will result in warnings, as well as possible fines, suspension and/or termination from our program. 

Why would I want to market your products?

Because our products are the hottest new thing in the beauty, health and wellness space! In the middle of a pandemic, selling sanitizer is a pretty savvy business decision. Our sanitizer does not contain alcohol, bleach or ammonia and leaves no chemical fumes behind. It is an intelligent and lucrative business to be in as demand for our products is really high. Our organic skincare products are absolutely amazing too! It takes a few days of using it to notice, but our Topical Skin Spray really does make your skin glow in a way that you may not have seen before. It signals your body to eliminate old dead skin cells and generate new ones. This is a real solution for skincare and not something that you layer on and cover up unhealthy skin. Our products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and we contribute to charitable foundations that are also improving the state of the world. This is a movement you will want to be a part of…

Why are you selling your product using affiliates?

People trust the word of other people more than they do a Superbowl ad, so we decided to go the affiliate and influencer route. In the middle of a pandemic, we are experiencing an unprecedented slow down in activity worldwide. While we thought about mass marketing (and you will see BioBuffs doing some big things around the world with various governments and non-governmental organizations, as well as concerts and sports venues) we wanted to get this product into the hands of people who really needed it. We also are a benefit company and our decisions are not solely motivated by profits. What we are seeking to do is help as many people as possible and in the current state of the world economy, that means also sharing our revenues with people who are looking to supplement and/or replace some of the income they have lost due to the pandemic. Our program offers the opportunity to be a part of a growth story, as demand for our products are way up. This means that instead of giving our marketing budget to large mass media outlets, we decided to let the online community in on our action. The proposition is simple, refer people to our products and we will pay you for telling people about us. If you know someone else who wants to hustle for some income, we will pay you to refer them to us as well. We look forward to making people a lot of money and wiring out some big cash amounts.

Your website says you support the "SDG's" ? What is that?

We know the name sounds a little like something you would not want to do (or catch), but it really is the noblest of all causes. The SDG’s or Sustainable Development Goals are 17 points of social and economic development that was signed into existence in 2015 by 193 heads of state worldwide. These are things that we all believe will improve and sustain life on our planet and we cannot think of a higher calling. 

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